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Press Statement: Shahrizat, Legislate Against Sexual Harassment at Workplace Now – Opposition Will Support Bill If BN’s Male MPs Refuse

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Originally published at Sdri. Chong Eng’s website

021109 | Kuala Lumpur

I refer to Women, Family and Community Development Minister, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s statement in the press today. She told employers to take reports of sexual harassment at workplace seriously. Shahrizat also admits that many victims suffer in silence and employees are reluctant to report such cases due to fear of job termination.

This issue is not a new problem. DAP and women rights NGOs have pre-empted the lack of protection against sexual harassment at workplace and limitation of redress when such cases occur. We have been calling for the Government to legislate against sexual harassment in the past ten years but the Government refused to comply.

In 2001, a coalition of women NGOs, Joint Action Group against Violence against Women (JAG-VAW, now JAG) had submitted a memorandum with a thoroughly researched proposal for a Sexual Harassment Bill to the Human Resource Ministry. The Bill is to replace the existing voluntary Code of Practice on the Prevention and Eradication of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

Up till today, the Government has failed to take any initiative to introduce the proposed Bill.

In the same press report, Labour Department D-G Datuk Ismail Abdul Rahim claimed that the introduction of such Bill “could lead to a dull and rigid environment in the workplace”. This clearly showed the mentality of a Government unconcerned for the welfare of the working class and have total disregard towards gender sensitivity.

The Government, especially Shahrizat, should realized that if even a senior civil servant in charge of labour can conclude that preventing sexual harassment will make the workplace “dull”, how little respect for gender and sexual sensitivity there will be in the actual working environment.

If Shahrizat really takes sexual harassment seriously, then the time is now to legislate against it. However, if the Minister is facing the same chauvinistic mentality and indifference from her Barisan Nasional male colleagues in Parliament to introduce the anti sexual harassment bill; rest be assured the Opposition bench, female and male MPs, will stand united to support her.

Chong Eng
Bukit Mertajam MP
DAP Deputy Secretary-General
DAP Wanita Chief


Press Statement: Gender Provisions Are Still Missing in Najib’s 2010 Budget

Posted in Development, Economy, Parliament by dapjlntembikai on October 24, 2009

Originally published at YB Chong Eng’s website

241009 | Bukit Mertajam

I would like to first convey my congratulation to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak for presenting his first budget since his appointment April this year. Nonetheless, it is most unfortunate that while the Prime Minister tried to present a Pakatan Rakyat and DAP-like reform in the economy through his well-worded budget speech, the budget itself failed in the spirit of real reform.

Most prominently, gender provisions are still missing from Najib’s 2010 Budget. The Budget did not reflect the seriousness of gender inequality in our country nor the seriousness of Government’s effort to promote empowerment.

The contributions of homemakers, majority of whom are women, who had played a major role in our socio-economy development, continue to go unrecognized. While we welcome the announcement for the voluntary EPF contribution scheme for the self-employed and those without fixed income, homemakers are still marginalized without a social security and Government supported retirement plan. Consequently, a homemaker will be a continual dependant to her spouse and for the lower income group, will become a burden to the family at old age. This has led to numerous cases of families abandoning their old folks in hospitals as reported in the press.

In contrast DAP has recommended a FairWage component in our Alternative Budget where RM1500 will be given to a homemaker (non-working spouse of a working adult) whose spouse income is not more than RM3000 through the EPF mechanism.

Najib’s budget also failed to include any provision to empower the women workforce which currently totaled about 3.79 million. For working mothers, one of the biggest obstacles is getting good and affordable child care service. We have many times urge the Government to increase provisions for child care whether to build more Government-funded child care centres or to provide child care subsidies so as to provide facilities and incentives to enable more women to participate in the workforce. The increase of the income bracket of RM2000 to RM3000 to qualify for child care subsidy is only limited to those in the civil service. There is still no Government provision for those in the private sector. A well-planned child care provision will release the majority of mothers who are traditionally the child care givers at home to join the workforce of our economy, this is especially important for poorer families so that mothers can work to bring home a second income. The scheme will also help reduce the dependence on foreign domestic workers who were often hired to take care of children at home. It will also enable children, especially from lower income group to have an equal and healthy head-start and thus pre-empting future social problems of children growing up without proper family care.

In this critical time of the global economic downturn and in view of the slow recovery, Najib’s budget did not raise the confident of Malaysians who were expecting a more just and social-driven reform. Instead, more allocations were given to projects and programs which have yet to demonstrate a direct impact on the persons on the street. Sadly, women, especially homemakers and those from the lower income groups, who are the worst hit group in the economic downturn, continued to be marginalized and isolated from the wealth and prosperity of our Country.

Prime Minister Najib should have heeded the DAP Alternative Budget which is a true people-focused budget and not merely going about “doing business as usual”. He should also follow the examples shown by Pakatan Rakyat State Governments such as Pulau Pinang and Selangor which has been given positive commendations by the Auditor-General for prudence utilization of resources.

Chong Eng
Bukit Mertajam Member of Parliament
DAP Deputy Secretary-General
DAP Wanita Chief

UMNO-BN’S Victory Must Be Put Into Perspective

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An article by Sdr. Steven Sim


After 7 consecutive wins, Pakatan Rakyat was suddenly confronted with a lost in the recent Bagan Pinang by-election. It was not totally unexpected, after all, PAS-PR candidate lost the seat to UMNO in the last “political tsunami”-12th General Election even though the Opposition coalition managed to win the Teluk Kemang Parliamentary seat and three other seats out of 5 state seats within the parliamentary area.

From the beginning, PAS-PR was the underdog. Regardless of the 308 euphoria, they were battling on the opponent’s stronghold. Add to that, UMNO’s candidate, Isa Samad, former Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan for more than two decades and a former Federal Minister, was in many ways a local General. The fact that Isa was selected as UMNO’s candidate after an absence of 3 years, showed the enormous local support which asserted tremendous pressure on the Party to allow him to contest. He was forced into political wilderness the last 3 years after being convicted of money politics by the Party’s discipline machinery.

And to further add to that, the huge…read the rest here

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花几十亿玩口号 —— 温维安

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Artikel Bahasa Cina oleh Sdr. Oon Neow Aun, S/U Publisiti Caw. & Ahli Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai











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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

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Salam perpaduan dan salam perjuangan. Maaf zahir dan batin…


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