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UMNO-BN’S Victory Must Be Put Into Perspective

Posted in Politics by dapjlntembikai on October 19, 2009

An article by Sdr. Steven Sim


After 7 consecutive wins, Pakatan Rakyat was suddenly confronted with a lost in the recent Bagan Pinang by-election. It was not totally unexpected, after all, PAS-PR candidate lost the seat to UMNO in the last “political tsunami”-12th General Election even though the Opposition coalition managed to win the Teluk Kemang Parliamentary seat and three other seats out of 5 state seats within the parliamentary area.

From the beginning, PAS-PR was the underdog. Regardless of the 308 euphoria, they were battling on the opponent’s stronghold. Add to that, UMNO’s candidate, Isa Samad, former Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan for more than two decades and a former Federal Minister, was in many ways a local General. The fact that Isa was selected as UMNO’s candidate after an absence of 3 years, showed the enormous local support which asserted tremendous pressure on the Party to allow him to contest. He was forced into political wilderness the last 3 years after being convicted of money politics by the Party’s discipline machinery.

And to further add to that, the huge…read the rest here

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